Mom Guilt of the Feline Variety

I’ve had a cat pretty much my entire life….

black cat

Scar was my dad’s cat and totally awesome.  He lived to be 17 and died a pretty tragic death. Then we had Stadler, who ran away when we moved to Raleigh. Then Vinnie and Shadow.

After having two miscarriages, my hubby asked if I wanted to get a kitten.  I was pretty excited; I knew a kitty would make me happy and give me something teeny to love on and take care of.  After visiting the shelter, we came home with two cats (not my idea) – an adorable brother and sister who we named Schubert (yes the composer) and Cosette (of Les Miserable fame).  They are Bobtail cats and have stubs where their tails should be. (Reasoning for both cats…we couldn’t possible split up siblings right?)

From the get go, we had bathroom issues with Cosette.  She would poo anywhere BUT one of the THREE litter boxes we had.  Turns out she had some sort of bacterial infection…which she gets several times a year.  Then Schubert started attacking her when she was in the litter box, which led to pooing on our carpets at least 2-3 times a week.

Schubert is our resident barfer.  While Cosette will get a hairball every now and again, I’ve decided Schubie is bulimic.  I don’t mean that as a joke.  He literally barfs after every meal. He’s been to the vet…no apparent issue.

Now that I have two children, cute ones whose booties and noses I wipe all day long, the cats are starting to wear on me.  AND I FEEL AWFUL ABOUT IT!

I just don’t know how much longer I can do it.  My 2.5 year old will walk into a room and go “ewww, barf” or “ewwww, kitty poop”  Not exactly the thing I want him to step in, ya know?

I honestly have no business complaining as hubby has handled most of the cat stuff since I got pregnant with Bug…I never quite took back my share of the responsibilities.  But it’s wearing on him too.

I don’t know what to do.  They are a part of our family. We’ve had them 4.5 years. When they snuggle up with us and we give them love, I am so happy we have them.  Other times….they seem a burden. Like today.  I’ve cleaned up cat barf TWICE already…one being at the very top of the stairs.  I am fed up.

I’m suffering from mom guilt and I don’t see it going away.



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  1. says

    Pets ARE a burden. I’ve had my share of geriatric pets and cleaned up more poop and pee than you would ever care to know. My only suggestion is to read up and try to find different solutions. There are lots of things to try and just remember they are part of the family. {hugs}

  2. says

    I hear you! We’ve had our dog, Bailey, for like 5 years. She’s a weird little dog and will “piddle” (aka pee) if she gets too scared or excited. I am SICK of cleaning up her pee! She also barks way too much and is starting to show aggression towards Lea. While the easy thing to do would be to get “rid of her”, that’s just not something I am comfortable with. To me, I made a commitment when we got her. And, I’ll stick to it. So, I’ll deal with the pee and barking… and we’re hiring a professional trainer to help with her increading aggression before our next baby arrives! As far as guilt, I feel very guilty on the days I feel like just dropping her off at the pound. Poor thing just doesn’t get as much attention as she used to. :( Good luck!

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