Blogging and Business: Tips to Success

Ok, so maybe that was a trick title.  I, personally, am not going to tell you how have a more successful blog.  Rather I am going to pimp out two of my top current reading recommendations right now.

If you take your blog seriously and want to grow it into a business or at the very least, a part-time venture – then you need to read, devour and ingest the following:Digital Mom Handbook

DIY Blog Critique ebook by MomComm

The Digital Mom Handbook just came out in August (retail $15.99).  It’s written by two amazing digital moms, Audrey McClelland and Colleen Padilla, both of whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet. I read it in a weekend.  It’s that easy of a read.

The chapters are broken down into topics that you can manage one at a time — from finding your tribe, managing money and trying to maintain family. The give specifics about their own personal experience and success as well as countless other moms who have made their mark in the digital space.   I am still going through their list of blogs in the appendix to find new blogs to follow.

Second is my friend, Melissa’s e-book, DIY Blog Critique (retail $14). It’s 43 steps to ensure your blog is the best that it can possibly be. Even with having JUST redesigned my blog, I am still going step by step to ensure that I’ve done everything I can to achieve my blogging goals (which, by the way, is step #2 in the book.)

The DIY Blog Critique is perfect for ANY blogger.  Melissa walks you through creating your elevator pitch, elements of a well designed header and even some SEO.  AND the book even comes with a checklist that will aid you in completing all 43 steps.  Melissa does an excellent job of keeping things simple and while it’s a ton of information to take in, she gives it to you in a manner that isn’t overwhelming.

BONUS!  As my last giveaway for Launch Week, I am giving one lucky reader a copy of both of these books.  Simply leave a comment telling me what area of your blog you want to improve upon most.  A winner will be drawn next Friday, September 16 via And The Winner Is.

*Huge thanks to Audrey, Colleen and Melissa for providing me with a giveaway copy of each book for my launch week.  All opinions of these books are my own.


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  1. says

    I am still fairly new to blogging, so I could use direction and improvement in all areas, probably. I am building good content, but I need to find my “niche” and build it that way. I also need to decide whether moving my blog from to is the right decision for me right now. In terms of SEO, probably the answer is yes!!

    What a fantastic giveaway!!

  2. says

    Um, does completely starting over with my blog count as what I want to improve? :) As much as I like to write, I still have dreams of having a successful blog, but just haven’t been able to make them a reality. These books would be an awesome way to start!

  3. says

    I could write a blog about all the things I want to learn about writing a blog (hey… not a bad idea). But to name a few: Building a consistent readership, elements that must be included for a successful blog, how to successfully use social media, and… HTML tips and tricks.

  4. Lynda M says

    I have been considering starting my own blog but just dont know how to begin, The books would be so helpful in getting me started the right way.

  5. L.A. says

    I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog. I need some sort of creative outlet because I’m starting to go a little crazy as a sahm. I would love these books!

  6. Autumn says

    I really need to read these books! I have built up a loyal audience for my blog, but I still feel that there is quite a ways to go. I am not sure what areas my strengths lie in (or the flip – my weaknesses). It’s all just so overwhelming at times. lol Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  7. says

    The layout. I don’t have a budget or a lot of time, so feel like I have settled and am losing my blog’s identity in the process.