The Things People Say {When You’re Pregnant}

Approaching Labor? You’ll know it by the comments you get.

Seeing as I’m two weeks out from my due date, the commentary from strangers is starting to pick up pace. Yesterday, I had someone tell me I was CLEARLY close to my due date. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed.

I asked some of my bloggy friends what their most memorable comments were during pregnancy:

“Dear, I’ve been timing your contractions for you, and they’re four minutes apart. I think we need to get you to the hospital.” Old Lady at the Shopping Center toAmy

“You don’t look that bad for being pregnant with twins. I thought you’d look horrible” Um, thanks lady. – Andrea

“Are you okay? Why don’t you answer me? Is that a contraction?” – Questions from Gena’s husband

I always carried very low, and spent the last 3 months of pregnancy being told that I was having a boy and I must be due ANY day. It got so old SO fast! - Lolli

I was in an elevator with less than 7 days to my due date. We had been told that we were having a girl and this gentleman INSISTED that I was having a boy. I reassured him this had been checked numerous times, he even went so far as to say I hope you haven’t painted the nursery! Needless to say Lil Diva was born days later. -Tania

“I had just found out I was pregnant and my husband wanted to go “celebrate” by going to a casino. He was playing black jack and I was standing behind him. He was the only one at the table so he and the female dealer were having casual conversation and some how me being pregnant came up. Automatically she said oh I know you are going to have a boy. I wasn’t even 4 weeks along so I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Eight months later low and behold she was right, we had a son. Another one was when I was pregnant with my third my mom and I went to costco and I see this woman staring at me smiling. I smile back so not to be rude and as soon as I smile she walks up to me and says “you must have a really deep inny” and points to my belly button. I didn’t know what to say so I laughed and said um why and she said because “you look like you’re about to pop but your belly button hasn’t popped”. haha I do have a really deep belly button and it has never “popped” during any of my pregnancies. -Shana

I always got asked if I was “going to get ‘fixed’ after this one was born.” I usually told them that nothing was broken but thanks for asking. Then I imagined myself throatpunching them.  – Kadi

A friend of my sister’s told me when I was 8 mos pregnant w/my son that her husband stretched her vajayjay every night in the hopes that she wouldn’t have to have an episiotomy and wouldn’t tear. She then went into EXTREME detail of how it worked. We were having breakfast. *shudder* I don’t want to hear about anyone’s vajayjay while I’m having my breakfast. :-) -Amy

I had a boss ask if I planned on breastfeeding in front of the whole team. I was stunned but said, well I am hoping to. And he said, yeah our kids never had an ounce of formula, it worked out great but now my wifes’ nipples are 6 inches long! (he’s a classy guy)…..Then right before my leave he comment GEEZ, You’re HUGE! And I just said, hey thanks! Although, in his defense, I was enormous -Andrea U.

My old, icky 80 year old boss told me to have sex every night if I wanted the baby to come early. Just hearing that from him made me NEVER in the mood. – Stacie

My last doctor’s appointment before I gave birth to my first grader came when my husband was about to come home for R&R from Iraq – we’d planned for him to be home for the birth. I’d shared this with the doctor (I should really say, almost-doctor, as he was a PA and in-training) who told me, word-for-word, to have hubby “Give it to me real good” to help bring on labor, to avoid being induced. My husband, of course, laughed, asking if he could have written that down on a prescription pad. - Lisa

What were your “best” comments as you approached the actual birth?

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