The Final Countdown: 4 weeks to go

It’s a fact.  I’m 9 months pregnant.
I have 4 weeks until my due date.  3.5 weeks until I go on maternity leave.
It’s just a short matter of time until I meet my little girl.

Self portrait – 36 weeks

It’s funny how different things are the second time around.  I took pictures of myself every 4 weeks with the Wonderbug.  And we were constantly taking pictures of the belly at any event we attended.  This time I’ve only taken a handful.  In the past week I’ve been inspired by two ladies I met at blogging conferences last year.  They both are pregnant too and due in a similar timeframe to me.  They’ve taken some AWESOME photos.  Christine is just so elegant and Casey?  Casey is a rock star photographer and took this one herself!  Impressive.

So I asked the hubby to play around with our camera and take some shots.  These aren’t great by any means, but I wanted to showcase the big ol’ belly.  It’s got another 4 weeks or so to go; I’m curious to see just how much bigger it can get.

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  1. moosh in indy. says

    You look wonderful! I'm also wondering why I ended up with such huge boobs. Mine are probably the size of your stomach.

    Best wishes for these final weeks!!

  2. Sandy says

    You still look gorgeous with that big belly.:)
    good luck to your new angel,hope she's healthy
    and gorgeous like her mom…

  3. TheMaven says


    Quincy says she can't wait to hear about the arrival of your baby girl and she says you look very pretty. XO


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