34 Weeks: It’s Creeping Up on Me

6 weeks to go….

Only 6 weeks…

Well, give or take a week on either side right?  I can’t believe it’s so close.
My best friend had a fabulous little luncheon for me this past weekend and my mom said “Wow, you’re having a baby next month.”  That sort of blew my mind.  Talk about putting it into perspective.

G-Ma, Me and Auntie Day Day

Thanks to my fabulous girlfriends I now have a row of pink and purple clothes hanging in Squoosh’s closet.  (Well technically it’s still Bug’s closet as we STILL haven’t moved him into his big boy room yet.)  So, I’m ready right…as ready as I need to be? We have some clothes, diapers, and our bassinet (which I’ll probably bring down in the next few weeks).  All we need now is a car seat for her, and I’m still torn on getting an infant car seat or just skipping that $150 or so investment and just getting a convertible.  (We have the First Years True Fit for Bug and I love it.) I think I’m praying that we can find someone who barely used theirs that we can borrow.

But everything else?  I know it will come in time.  The curtains will go up as will pictures on the wall.  We’ll add some new baby books, maybe a few new toys.  I’ll get the heinous swing (but oh so fabulous and practical) out of the attic and we’ll be good to go.

I feel huge although many nice people have commented that I’m all belly.  Squoosh moves constantly and likes to jump up and down on my bladder. Awesome. I’m also having more Braxton Hicks these days. I don’t remember them with the Bug but hubby says I had them.  Maybe my memory is going.

So 6 weeks.  I’m excited.  I’m scared.  I’m eager.  I’m anxious.  I know Bug’s world is going to be rocked.  I wonder how much he understands.  The other day I said “say hi to the baby” and he comes up to my tummy and says “hi baby” and then promptly kisses it.  Melt my heart. 

She’s coming…really soon.

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  1. April says

    Wow darlin'

    You're glowing! As for Bug & the adjustment, what worked for us was telling older bro "this is YOUR little sister". {we actually had to say brother, but you get the point}.

    Worked so well that he scolded me when the 2 week old infant {during a September hot-spell} was put in his bassinet w/out a blanket.

    He said: "MOM" {gasping as if I had just dropped the baby} "MY brother needs to be covered up at all times!" He then proceeded to gently cover the infant up with a receiving blanket.

    I was so moved by the gesture I didn't remove the blanket until he left the room!

    Ever since he's been an amazing big brother {they're 12 & 16 now}

    hope this helps!


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