I’m a Diaper Bag Hoarder

Last week a fellow social media maven and total fashionista, Vera, from Lady and the Blog wrote a few posts about what women carry around in their purses.  As I dumped out my own purse, I started thinking about my purse collection as a whole. I know my husband would be happy if I cleaned out the few shelves in our closet that hold them all (most of which I hardly use.)

Then I started thinking about diaper bags.  Oh, how I love them!  At my very first tradeshow, the now defunct JPMA Kid’s Show, I was introduced to the array of fabulousness that existed in the world of diaper bags.  I was newly married, nowhere near having kids, but boy did I like those bags!  There were so many options that didn’t scream pink and blue or have bunnies all over them.

At the next tradeshow (ABC Kids Expo) I caved and bought a beautiful leather bag by Born Out of Necessity. I thought it would make lovely travel bag.  Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in that toting a laptop, water bottle, and other essential travel items would make that beautiful leather bag very, very heavy.  But my love for diaper bags had been born. After that, I pretty much left every major trade show I attended with one in hand.

Before my son was born, I used the Touring Tote religiously as a purse.  I loved that I could include toys and diapers (should I have needed them) and also be able to carry it without anyone asking why I was carrying a diaper bag.

Fast forward many years and here I am – mom of a two year old and due in two months with my second. I am the proud embarrassed owner of nine diaper bags (that I can find).  My day to day bag is the lillebaby Oslo which holds everything I need, has tons of pockets and can just be wiped down when it gets dirty.  It also helps that my laptop fits.  But with this new baby on the way, I can’t lie – I want a new one.

Bo2N, BabyStar, lillebaby, SkipHop, Petunia Picklebottom and Pink Lining

For example, this plum bag from OiOi is gorgeous, but a smidge outside my price range (considering I don’t remotely need a bag!) And as you can see from the three I own in my picture, I am a huge Petunia fan. My next purchase will likely be their new weekender bag. I am totally justifying this purchase because it’s not really a diaper bag.  It’s for travelling.

Wait…isn’t that how all this got started?

How many diaper bags do you own and which are your favorites?

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  1. Jessica says

    Wow! That is a collection. I have 1 diaper bag, a SkipHop bag from Target. It has served me well and I've considered getting a new one for baby 2 but have a hard time justifying the costs when I already have one. However, there are soooo many cute ones out there, I may just have to cave.

  2. Jess says

    lol This is funny. I have no idea how many I have! I would guess about 6, though (OiOi, lillebaby, BabyStar, Land's End, ect.). Right now, my favorite is the new (used) Kate Spade back pack I got for our FL trip. :)

  3. Andrea says

    Haha I share your obsession! Be it a purse, diaper bag, tote. I can't help myself! Every time I come home with a bag from a conference or something Jerry has this look on his face like, oh GOOD. Another bag.

    SO, my count. I think I have 5 official Diaper bags – 2 handmade Amy Butler bags, a Target diaper bag, my Lillebaby and the same Pink Lining bag you have! I also used a large Holly Aiken tote as a diaper bag and still do sometimes. And yes, I am wanting another one too.

    It's a sickness.

  4. Esther says

    We have just 2- Kate Spade for me and Skip Hop for me or my husband. If there are any others I want, I blog about them instead of buying them :-)

  5. cindy w says

    Oh wow. I have one diaper bag, which has been gathering dust in the closet for well over a year (haven't used it since Catie was potty-trained). I was just thinking that I need a new one because the one I have is pretty worn out, but I was feeling greedy for wanting two. This post definitely made me feel better, and I'll be sure to show it to my husband when I need to justify the expense of a new diaper bag!

  6. Lauren says

    None of the diaper bags I own are that nice but in the 22 months that I've carried one I have changed bags about six times. I get bored! Now I want one that doesn't look like a diaper bag at all. I started using a purse but it's kind of flimsy. I think that Skip Hop makes pretty handbag-style ones. Yeah. Totally getting another. They're like shoes!

  7. Melissa {adventuroo} says

    Haha- that's quite a collection of bags! I have had three over the years but my most recent one is my fave. It's the Fleurville tote and it's WORTH EVERY PENNY.

  8. Katy Emery Warren says

    I had a Petunia bag that I sold at Rhea Lana's consignment sale last fall and I have a Vera Bradley bag that I use as a purse/diaper bag, but I will definitely be in the market for a new one, come this spring and new baby.

  9. Kelly Jernigan says

    Good for you for putting this out there!! I actually only have (1) diaper bag, and it's the same one I had with #1 (http://www.wendybellissimo.com/products/product_detail.php?id=79)
    I just saw it in there one day & bought it! It looks so much like a purse I carry it everywhere & get so many compliments on it from people that don't even know it is a baby bag. You may have inspired me to write a post in the near future about my scarf hoarding obsession – we all have something we like to collect :)

  10. Jessica R. says

    Love it! Diaper bags make the best computer purses really. Especially for writers! There are plenty of pockets for everything.
    Why yes… I did just enable your obsession. You're welcome!


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