Snapshot in Time

With the impending arrival of Baby Girl Lane in a few months, I’ve been doing my best to treasure the moments I have left with the Bug as an only child.  Tonight was one of those moments where I wanted to close my eyes and “CLICK” – a snapshot engraved upon my heart.

The hubs is working late so tonight was just me and Wonderbug.  After much debate over pizza vs. applesauce for dinner, we decided on pizza with chicken.  We had a nice meal and then decided to play with his toy helicoptor (it’s adorable to hear him try and say “over and out buddy”) and then we built a tower out of his blocks.

After a bath and a battle over brushing our teeth (SUCCESS!), it was time to read stories.  His favorite right now is the “Monster at the End of This Book” — we read it twice tonight.  After saying “one more” about four more times, I turned off the light much to his chagrin.  One minor meltdown later, we were in our crib. 

We have a nightly ritual of giving him head scratchies as he winds down.  We then walk through all our immediate family members and tell him that everybody loves him.  Tonight I was in a total daze.  I found myself tracing the small of his back, his little shoulder blades and his teeny fingers with my hand.  I wanted to breathe in every inch of him so I can remember.  He’s such a little boy and his world is about to change significantly…and he has NO idea. 

I ran my fingers through his hair, told him I loved him one final time and said good night.
Moment over.  But saved for now.


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  1. Andrea says

    Ahh sigh. I love this. That was my favorite book as a child too. I love reading it to Oscar but he isn't as into it as I am :-) Right now it's ALL about Peek-a-Boo Bunny.

  2. Angela says

    Erin! Congratulations! I'm so happy I found your blog. My little boy is around the same age as yours. I echo your feelings of wanting to memorize moments like these with my heart. (Just so you'll know who's congratulating you… this is Angela from Social Studies Group. :-)


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