Weekly Appreciations

I haven’t done one of these in a few weeks and felt it was due.  Lots of stuff is going right in my life right now, so figure it’s a great time to say THANK YOU to the universe.

What am I thankful for this week?

1) VACATION.  Seriously dudes, I am taking ALL of next week off from work.  STOKED STOKED STOKED. My boss asked me what I was doing and I said “I’m not telling” because I am not going to be available. 

Mon – Weds I am painting the house (ok, not uber fun but it must be done), getting a pedi and going to the pool. Thursday I am headed to the beach with my bestie and the bug.  I’ll say it again. I AM STOKED.

2) Irony.  More on this at a later date.  But I have a huge appreciation for it.  Sometimes life throws you for a loop and you just go with it. 

3) Good mornings.  My husband was traveling this week so I had the morning routine with Bug all to myself. It’s not so hard if you get up and ready BEFORE him, but if he gets up before you, you are usually screwed.  Lots of whining.  Lots of “up, up” (as in pick me up, really fun to do while I’m putting on mascara and blow drying my hair.)  Lots of stepping on my bare feet with his soled toes. 

But yesterday and today, he was an angel child even though he woke up with the birds. There is nothing in the world like that kid’s smile.

4) The Ability and Love of Planning.  Not everyone loves to plan, but I am a PLANNER.  I’m headed to a huge women’s blogging conference in two weeks (BlogHer) and have spent the past few evenings researching and prepping.  I ordered new business, changed my Twitter handle (go me and the personal brand) and even contracted to update my blog.  Now I’m on to my schedule and making appointments with MUST SEE people.

5) All the parents who’ve potty trained before me.  Ok people, we’re not really potty training. He’s only 19 months for goodness sakes — but we’re starting to talk about it and offer up the potty as a seat.  TMI for many of you but he’s actually peed on the potty 4x already (twice umprompted) and one poo.  I was serioiusly over the moon proud of him.  He’s noticing when he’s wet and he’ll just lay down or go in my room to let me know he wants a new diaper.  Yeah for us!  But along with my sheer joy, I am antsy.  We’ve already had multiple pee accidents in the past few days…and I know what’s coming. I dread what’s coming!

That’s it for today!  Will try to have some fun posts next week since I’m OFF WORK and have time for ME!  Stay tuned for a great giveaway too!

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  1. The Shopping Mama says

    I sure hope I'm on that "MUST SEE at BlogHer" list! I really need to get organized for that trip to fit in all I want to do. And I promise you, spending time with YOU in high on my list.

    Congrats on the potty training progress. My daughter was in a sit on the pot phase but hasn't been interested lately. It such a thing of highs and lows, I tell ya. But, when it's finally accomplished, it's awesome. (Duh.)

  2. Erin says

    GIRLFRIEND!!! Call me next week when you are enjoying your fabulous vacation. We seriously need to catch up! xo

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