Everyone deserves to be King for a day

by Erin L. on August 19, 2014

It’s good to be king.

A few weeks ago I got this brilliant awesome potentially idiotic idea. I decided at the end of summer I was going to allow each child the chance to make the decisions for our household for the entire day. They would have the opportunity to pick our meals and activities for 12-14 hours. A would get a day and Miss E. would get a day.

There would be a few exceptions, of course. I would still get to the gym and there would still be quiet time. They couldn’t eat candy all day nor could they lounge in front of the televsion. If they acted out, they would still be disciplined, but they choose the method. Everything else was up for grabs.

The idea came to me when I heard myself say “Because I’m in charge” one too many times. My kids are BIG into asking questions and while I’m not a fan of “because I said so” sometimes it’s just fact. And I think it’s important that kids feel they have ownership of certain things or activities. It is/was my hope that it would help them think about their actions and choices.

So yesterday was A’s day to be “king” of the household.

We got off to a bad start. His first decision of the day (other than eating Kix for breakfast) was to choose to go to his room or get a privilege taken away. He chose his room and stomped up the stairs in tears.

For lunch, he picked macaroni and cheese and for quiet time, he chose to play games and watch videos on my iPhone. Our day was going much more “normally” than I would have thought.

When it came to activities, etc. I told him we had $20. I know he has no concept of how far $20 goes, but I wanted him to understand that being in charge comes with responsibilities. I can’t spend money haphazardly and neither can he. He could choose to do many things with the money – go out to eat, have snacks somewhere, go to an activity like a museum or a fun park. But when the money was gone, it was gone.

After quiet time, he decided he wanted to go get ice cream and go to a local bounce house. So we packed up and hit up Goodberry’s (his choice) and he got a mini Mint flavored concrete and Miss E got a cup of vanilla. Then we hit up Coconut Charlie’s Bump & Bounce (official write-up coming up on the blog!) and spent a good two hours.

By the time we left, the kids were pooped!

After we finished up dinner (pepperoni pizza of course), he looked up at his dad with a grin and said, “Can we play Disney Infinity?” The normal answer would have been no, but how could you say no to the King? They ended up playing some motorcycle racing game before getting ready for bed.

He ended his reign by picking out both our bedtime stories.

When I asked him his favorite part of the day, can you guess what he said? Ice cream, of course.

Overall our day wasn’t that much out of the ordinary, but all the decisions were his and his alone. I think my little experiment went better than expected and worth doing a few times a year (birthdays, reward for good behavior, etc).

Today is Miss E’s day. At three, she doesn’t quite get the concept but she likes knowing she’s the “boss”. I’m trying to supply her with lots of ideas so we don’t have an entire do-over of yesterday. Macaroni and Cheese is her favorite food.

So far, she’s said she wants to go to the mall. I can totally get down with that.

“As you wish, your majesty!”

King for a Day A Parenting Production


Discover NC: Mt. Airy

by Erin L. on August 18, 2014

Discover NCMy house no longer has diapers and my littlest one no longer requires naps. This means that vacations can be much more pleasant. It means that we can take a day trip or a weekend excursion without hauling an extra bag or two of stuff. I, for one, am ready.

First on my agenda is exploring my state. I’ve lived here for 25 years and there are so many places I haven’t seen. Some of them just a stone’s throw away from Raleigh.

Like Mt. Airy.

Mt. Airy is a little over two hours away from Raleigh. Depending on your mood (or your family’s flexibility) you can make this a day trip or an overnight weekend excursion. (I vote for overnight. I don’t like spending that much time in the car going to and from.)mount-airy-mainstreet

If you haven’t heard, Mt. Airy is the home of Andy Griffith and is loudly and proudly described as the real Mayberry. (Mayberry is not a real town, but Andy used his hometown to influence the look and feel of Mayberry for the show)

Plan a day

Start with breakfast at Barney’s Restaurant on Main Street (they serve lunch and dinner too!) or

After breakfast, take the famous Squad Car Tour (only $35 per carload). The squad car will take you past Andy’s home, and then down main street to see Floyd’s Barber Shop, Snappy Lunch, the Old Jail and the Andy Griffith Museum. You’ll also get your photo in front of the squad car. I know my kids will LOVE this.

Squad Car Tours 2004

For lunch, hit up the Mayberry Soda Fountain for a hot dog and a milkshake or old fashion soda. Don’t forget to stop in Opie’s Candy Shop, which I’m sure will be my children’s favorite stop of the entire day.

Opie's Candy Store Front


If you’re there on a Saturday, be sure to catch a horse and buggy ride provided Mayberry Mules and Wagon Rides. Tours are only on Saturdays and make sure to call ahead to ensure the rides are not canceled due to inclement weather.

For your afternoon, drive a short distance (about 15 minutes) to Pilot Mountain. Take a snack and hike the short trail to the mountain.

There are several dinner options, but Copper Pot is reliable and family friendly or you can hit up Trio for something a little nicer, but still good for families.

In terms of places to stay, big Andy Griffith fans can rent out  the Andy Griffith Homeplace through the Hampton Inn Mount Airy, you can rent a cabin for the weekend through White Sulphur Springs Cabins we have them listed online or you can stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast, like the Sobatta Manor. You also have the option of the famous Mayberry Motor Inn that has the famous Aunt Bea’s Room.

Couples Trip

No kids? Anniversary trip coming up? No problem.  Mt. Airy has three wineries in town - Old North State, Olde Mill and Round Peak Vinyards. Want more? There’s at least 20 more wineries in the surrounding Yadkin Valley.

If you’re planning a trip soon, be sure to check Mayberry Days (September 25-27) and the Autumn Leaves Festival in October.

Been there? Headed that way? Be sure to come back and let me know how your trip was and your favorite spots. We hope to make it there sometime this fall.


This is not a sponsored post. All photography was provided by VisitMayberry.com. All opinions are my own. The Discover NC image was downloaded from Flickr under the Creative Commons license.

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