The Jekyll and Hyde of children

I’m leaving for a trip tomorrow. Four whole glorious days to focus on me. It feels a bit selfish, but it’s not. I need it. I need time with friends, time to focus on my career, skills and networking. I even need some time alone.

My kids know I’m leaving. At four and six, we are at the stage where it’s better to prepare them for what’s coming. Just like I write up notes for the babysitter and meal plans for my husband, they also need to know what to expect in my absence – who’s picking them up from school, who’s taking them to bed and the like.

I was not prepared for this morning though.

As I’m packing lunches, Miss E asks when I’m leaving. I tell her today is my last day home and I leave in the morning. She bursts into tears. I naively assume she doesn’t want me to go and she’s sad because she’s going to miss me. I go over to her and hug her close. She looks at me, tears streaming down her face.


Oh. Okay. Thank you my sweet child, fruit of my loins. I love you too.

Such fierce emotions tumbling out of her little body. I was irritated, but sort of understood. She’s excited that her aunt is coming to spend time with them. She is ready for an adventure…one that doesn’t start until I leave.

Tomorrow may be another story. Last time I traveled, my kids had been hell on wheels leading up to my departure. I was desperate to get out of the house. The morning I left? Utter perfection, full of snuggles, love and affection. Because of course.

With kids, you never know what you’re going to get. One minute, they are all smiley, happy, shiny – the next it’s as if a demon has possessed them. Tomorrow I’m hoping for the former.

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