I was thinking we were done buying car seats. Miss E. will eventually need a booster, but for now, I figured we’d just use the car seats we have.
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But then I had the opportunity to check out the new Evenflo Platinum Symphony and figured what the hay! And I’m so glad I did. When Mr A. got his booster, she really wanted a new seat for her, so as soon as I took this out of the box, she hopped right in. A cup holder was fancy stuff for this one; we’ve never had one with our prior carseats.

evenflo platinum symphony

At first I thought it was really big. The other car seats we’ve owned have been slimmer, not as bulky. But considering this one goes from 5-110 lbs, you can get over the bulkiness. That’s right – this car seat works from newborns and goes all the way up to a booster seat!

So for $220, you can buy the only car seat you’ll ever need. That’s pretty awesome.

Right away, I noticed the buckle (please note the Symphony was NOT part of the recent buckle recall) and was really impressed with the verbiage embossed right into the plastic.

evenflo buckle

Evenflo is taking safety and comfort to the next level with the introduction of the Platinum Protection Series of car seats, which feature NASA-developed Outlast® technology, a temperature regulating fabric that keeps babies and toddlers comfortable during hot and cold weather.  The fabric helps parents have a more peaceful ride as sweaty kids make for noisy kids. Noisy kids distract the driver and can cause accident. Plus,  I always hated pulling a really sweaty baby out of their car seat after a long drive. It’s nice to know I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Another cool feature is the Buckle Pockets, designed to protect baby from hot buckle burns and eliminate digging under your child for lost buckles.

The headrest easily adjusts as your child grows, which is awesome.

It was fairly easy to install and I’m challenged when it comes to car seat installation. I got it all in and my husband had to just give it a tug or two to make it tight enough.

I definitely think the Evenflo Platinum Symphony is pretty spiffy and Miss E gives it two thumbs up! If you’re in the market for a new seat, check it out.

Evenflo Platinum Symphony #evenfloplatinum


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Disney Social Media Moms: The Conference

by Erin L. on April 23, 2014

I’ve spent the past week mulling over my time in Disneyland. What do I share? What do you want to know?

The bottom line is that it’s an absolutely amazing, magical place. It’s different than Disney World, but not better per se. The atmosphere is a bit more relaxed and my whole family loved the overall vibe. It’s a place we never in a million years would have visited, but now we can’t wait to go back.

Instead of trying to cram everything into one post, I’m going to start by telling you all about conference day. This is the day where all the DSMM families go out on their own and all attendees gather together for a day of fun and learning.

We started with a lovely breakfast by Hanes and had a chance to check out some of their new bras, underwear and socks! Woohoo!

Then we went straight into conference mode.

Hanes Sponsor of DSMMDisney Social Media Moms Conference Recap

We started off hearing from Tom Staggs, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He filled us  in on all the awesomeness that Disney is currently working on – the Baltic Disney Cruise, a new Pirates land Treasure Cove in Shanghai, the first Marvel-themed attraction, the Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train that opens next week in the Magic Kingdom. Their goal at Disney is to be the most trusted family vacation destination and they are constantly working on ways to improve the customer’s experience.

Tom Staggs

Next up was Jay Ward, Creative Director of the CARS Franchise and Pixar Animation Studios. He talked to us about storytelling and how much effort goes into making sure all their stories are compelling, have memorable/relatable characters and are in a believable world.

Kathy Mangum, Executive Producer and Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering, shared all the detail and research that went into making Cars Land and then Donald Driver (yes of Green Bay Packers/Dancing with the Stars fame!) talked to us about staying true to yourself and do all things with purpose.

Then we got a chance to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen during our lunch break. The little girl in me was REALLY happy.

meeting elsa and anna

Twitter connects you to the people you want to know.
My absolute favorite session of the day was when Doug Bowman, Creative Director for Twitter, took the stage. Twitter was my first social media love and it was great to hear more about its start, its strategy and where they hope it’s going.

Bowman told us Twitter believes that every person has a voice and that every voice deserves to be heard. It’s the great thing about Twitter. Any major event that happens in the world can be followed on Twitter and gives you access to all sorts of opinions. In fact, most major news breaks on Twitter. Bowman shared moments of magic from Twitter and made me vow to get back to the bird.

Doug Bowman of Twitter

The day was full of so much more, it’s impossible to capture it all. We met Grumpy Cat, talked Disney Bounding and heard from Maxine Clark from Build-a-Bear. We talked to magic, sharing what’s on your heart, following your dreams and so much more.

Then we ended our session with a visit from Maleficent, who I tried very hard to stare down. But as you can see, I failed. She won our stare down as only an evil villain can.
maleficent collage

It was a ridiculously awesome day where I was surrounded by wonderful people who inspire me on the regular. But as fun as it was, the rest of the trip hit the fun out of the ballpark. Stay tuned for details of our family’s Disneyland adventure.

Photography from our family photo album and from @hyku. I attended the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration and received a deeply discounted rate. As a part of this conference, we were provided with complimentary items, special discounts and other benefits such as food and entertainment so that we could experience the magic of the Disneyland Resort. I was not asked to blog about my experience. All thoughts in this post are my own.


Kate Quinn Organics launches With Love from Africa on zulily

April 22, 2014
Kate Quinn With Love from Africa

I am so excited about this new collection coming to zulily today.  kate quinn organics and Siamanda Chege of Bebe Ravi Collections are partnering to bring a special line of consciously made clothing exclusively to zulily.  With love from Africa by kate quinn will feature exclusive prints named after villages in Kenya, for babies and girls zero to five years old. All clothing will be made by women from Nairobi and Nakuru, Kenya, an area with unemployment rates as high as 40%. The first production of this collection will create 30-35 new [...]

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Small changes can make a difference this Earth Day

April 21, 2014

Big thanks to The Moms for some tips on making a difference this Earth Day!  

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Cars Land is a must do at Disney California Adventure Park

April 20, 2014
Cars Land, California Adventure Park

Ever since my son first saw the movie CARS we’ve been a bit obsessed. The obsession fades at times, but always returns. After the purchase of the Disney Infinity game this past Christmas, a newfound love of Lightning, Mater, Sally and Doc came with it. So when I realized we’d get to see Cars Land on our Disneyland/California excursion, I was over the moon excited. It didn’t disappoint. We literally walked right into the movie. Imagineers went to painstaking detail to make sure everything in Radiator Springs was perfect, including taking a trip [...]

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5 ways to use lavender oil (#NZLavender giveaway)

April 17, 2014

I’m not a great sleeper. Part of that may be my kid’s fault, but I’ve never felt I get a particularly restful sleep. I wake up easily. Every noise seems to cause me to stir. So when a former client emailed me to let me know of her newest venture, NZLavender, I was ALL about it. Relaxation! Calming properties! Sign me up. I’m new to using lavender oil so I promptly did some research into how to use it. I googled. I asked around. I polled my friends. 1. Put [...]

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