There goes a piece of my heart

First day of kindergarten

I thought I’d be fine.

We’ve been talking about kindergarten and planning all summer long. We had your book bag and lunch box all picked out and read to go.

I wasn’t even home when you went to bed last night. But when I got home, I crept in your room and watched you sleep. I watched your chest rise and fall with each breath. You’ve grown so much, no longer a baby, but always MY baby.

This morning was full of running around and general craziness. There was whining and fighting, and most of the morning my mind was set on JUST GET THEM TO SCHOOL.

But on the way, I looked in the rear view mirror and caught a glance of you. I felt my heart practically explode in my chest and a single tear trickled down my cheek. It startled me.

Sure, I was anxious for you. I knew that your behavior throughout the last week was a direct result of nerves. You knew something big was coming and I understood that you didn’t have the words to explain to me how you felt.

But I wasn’t sad. You were ready. You ARE ready….to venture out into the world, to learn and make new friends. I knew you were going to be fine.

So the tear caught me off-guard. Then after I walked you down that yellow hallway, gave you a huge hug and turned you over to someone else, I felt a crack in the dam. My chest felt heavy as I watched you go into the classroom, with one quick look back at me.

First day of kindergarten

When I got to the car, all the tears came. Where did the time go? How is it possibly time for my little one to be going off to kindergarten? Five years simply went by in a blur.

You are going to do great things. I am eager to watch you spread your wings and soar. The world is waiting for you. Go ahead and fly, sweet girl. Go ahead and fly.

Em Kindergarten Day 1

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