Tips to Assemble an Awesome Avengers Birthday Party


It took until he turned six, but my oldest has finally been been bitten by the superhero bug. His universe of choice? Marvel. For his birthday this year, we assembled an Avengers birthday party that any Marvel fan would be proud of. Here are some tips to help you do the same for your own little Avenger.

Tips for an Awesome Avengers Birthday

Iron Man’s Laser Shoot AND Captain America’s Shield Throw

  • Paper cups
  • Sharpies
  • Water Squirter (something pretty strong)
  • Large Throwing Disc (found at Walmart, toy stores, etc)

First, decorate paper cups with evil villain faces. In two separate areas, set the cups up in small pyramids. From a certain distance away, children can either use “Iron Man’s Laser” (the water squirter) to shoot down the cups, or try their hand at throwing “Captain America’s Shield” (the large disc). We had two separate areas for each game outside and rotated small groups of kids through. They loved it!

Avenger Party Game


Thor’s Hammer Toss

  • Rectangular Tissue Box (About ⅔ Full)
  • Empty Paper Towel Roll
  • Gray/Silver Duct Tape
  • Brown Duct Tape

First, you have to build Thor’s Hammer out of your materials. Put the end of the paper towel roll into the open part of the tissue box. Stabilize it a little with the tissues, then cover the entire thing in gray/silver duct tape. You don’t want it to be lumpy and bumpy. This is supposed to be a hammer from the Gods or something like that, right? The tape is both for looks and structure. This is what will hold everything together, so don’t be shy, just be a little careful. Cover the handle of the hammer with your darker tape. This idea did come from Pinterest, but there wasn’t one Pin in particular that we followed.

To play, have children all stand behind a certain line and take turns tossing Thor’s Hammer to see who can throw the furthest.

DIY Thor's Hammer

 Hulk Smash Balloons

  • Balloons (Green and Purple if Possible)

There isn’t much to this one, but it does get all 4 of the main Avengers covered as far as party games go. Give kids water balloons and see who can smash their basket first. Easy peasy. For a winter or indoor party, you could do the same thing and just use regular latex balloons filled with air.

 Fun Avengers Snacks

You can certainly go crazy with Avengers themed foods, but we kept it fairly simple. We had Captain America’s Favorite Hot Dogs, Hulk’s Green Broccoli Salad, Thor’s Hammers (pretzel sticks and marshmallows), and Iron Man’s Missiles (Twizzlers).


Iron Man party Food

DIY Avengers Birthday Cake

My sister is amazing and loves to make birthday cakes for my boys. This year, she took on the Avengers A with gel icing, and somehow rocked it! Even if you can’t make the official “A”, make a double layer rectangular cake and divide it into quadrants. Ice each quadrant with a different color representative of each Avenger, and use M&Ms to define the sections. With small (4”) action figures as the cake toppers, this cake both looks amazing and tastes great.

If you’re hoping to do cupcakes instead of a big cake, you can ice cupcakes the same way (4 different colors) and put Avengers stickers on toothpicks to use as cupcake decorations. It’s more cost efficient that buying action figures and you don’t have to cut and serve cake. ;)

DIY Avenger Bday Cake

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