The real reason I’m sad preschool is ending

My Preschool Squad

Every afternoon (unless it’s raining), Monday through Thursday, you can find me on the preschool playground, surrounded by a group of women. It’s been this way since the fall of 2011. Some years there were more of us, other years a few less. But we were always there.

We commiserate about parenting woes – children who won’t sleep, endless tantrums, and the early start of back-talk. We share heartfelt moments of parenting joys – the sweet things our kids have said, the victories over fruits and vegetables, a shy child standing up for themselves. We discuss life – what we want from it, what we’re not getting from it, all the trials and tribulations that come with having young children. These ladies have heard it all.

Damn, I’m going to miss them.

Sure we’ll stay in touch. We’ll organize Girl’s Night Outs and meet for coffee. We’ll try for the occasional play date on teacher work days and holidays. We may even try to get our kids on the same sports team. But it will be different. We will be different.

My mother once told me that the friends you make when your kids are young are ones that you’ll cherish forever. They hold a special place in your heart unlike many others. Now I understand what she meant.

A part of me grows teary when I think about Miss E headed off to elementary school in the fall. I miss the baby that she was, though I love the girl she is becoming.  The end of preschool signifies a huge truth. I no longer have babies. A major phase of life is over.

But as nostalgic as I am for the moments of yesterday, it is not what makes me mournful in these final days. It is thoughts of my friends, these ladies whom I am so fond of.

Simply put, I love them. We’ve celebrated birthdays, both ours and the kids. We’ve eaten a metric ton of Chick Fil A. We’ve consumed a lot of wine. We’ve laughed, cried and laughed some more.

Through our friendship, we’ve helped each other navigate these paths of parenthood. I owe them a debt of gratitude. In fact, I owe them a hell of a lot more than that.

To my tribe, my squad, my dearest friends…thank you for all that you’ve brought to my life.  I will carry you in my heart…always.

My Preschool Squad

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