Lucy will make you think {movie review}

by Erin L. on July 25, 2014

The hubby and I haven’t had a date night in awhile so when we got invited to a preview of the new Scarlett Johanson movie, Lucy, I was pretty excited.

I’m a huge movie fan – action, comedy, romance, drama, you name it. If it entertains me, I’m usually golden.

I arrived expecting a major action flick, but that’s not quite what I got.

Lucy is the story of a woman caught in a drug deal gone very, very bad. She’s tricked into delivering drugs to a dark drug lord and then is forced to transport the drugs via her body cavity. At one point, she is beaten causing the drugs to leak into her body, transforming her into a human being able to access all 100% of her brain function.

The myth that floats around between humans is that we can only access 10% of our brains. This movie explores the possibility of all that we could potentially accomplish if we could unlock the rest.

The movie made us both think for sure. We talked about it the entire ride home and even after we’d turned off the lights to go to bed, we kept bringing it up.

Lucy is very fast-paced. It capped out at about an hour and a half and it easily could have been longer. The story takes some time to build and then it powers through 50-100%. I wish they’d spent more time on all the abilities that came with her accessing those parts of her brain, but after she gets to about 30%, the movie just rushed through.

I thought Scarlett Johansson did a fantastic job. With all the knowledge that Lucy attains comes loss – the loss of human emotions and feelings. As the movie goes on, Lucy speaks almost as if she’s a computer, flat and very matter of factly.

The movie also stars Morgan Freeman as Professor Norman, a man who has tracked the development of brain power in humans since the beginning of time.

We both enjoyed the movie, but would have been disappointed had we spent $24 on tickets, plus dinner and a babysitter. I think it would make a great rental on a big screen TV for most people.

My husband was quite disappointed with the ending. To quote him, “that was anti-climactic.” I disagreed. I thought it was quite appropriate and led to the deep thought conversations that we then went on to have.

If you go see it, be sure to let me know what you think.

The film opens today nationwide and is rated R for strong violence and disturbing images.

Click here to view the trailer:



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If a blogger’s laptop dies

by Erin L. on July 24, 2014

If a blogger’s laptop dies,
she’s going to cry into her coffee.

After she cries into her coffee, she’s going to want a quick solution.

When she drops it off to be fixed, she’ll make sure her tablet is charged. Then she’ll log onto Facebook and Twitter and vent to all her friends.

Her friends will be supportive, but that won’t help her get her work done. So she’ll quickly check her email to make sure no deadlines are missed.

All her clients will be emailed and she might start to relax, but then her WordPress page won’t open without a big black box.

It’ll take her at least two hours to write one little post, and her kids will then start screaming so she’ll have to just log off.

After everyone’s calmed down, she’ll play five games of Memory, then she’ll go to check her iPhone and see she’s missed a call.

She’ll then call back the computer place, and they’ll give a cost estimate, which will make her husband choke and say he’ll just do it, no big deal.

Then five days will go by an life will get in the way, and the laptop will still be dead.

And we all know, if a blogger’s laptop dies, she’s going to cry into her coffee.

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Planes: Fire & Rescue will make the little ones happy

July 21, 2014
Planes: Fire & Rescue

Planes: Fire & Rescue opened in theaters nationwide last weekend. The first movie, Planes, from Disney Toons, caught a little bit of flack. Of course, everyone compared it to Cars, and honestly, there’s no comparison. My son loved it and, to me, that’s all that mattered. The sequel did try to incorporate a little more adult humor. Several times during the movie, my son asked me why I was laughing. Synopsis: “Planes: Fire & Rescue” is a new adventure-comedy about second chances, featuring a dynamic crew of elite firefighting aircraft [...]

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Perfect for a summer party (mason jar party kit giveaway)

July 14, 2014
Aladdin Mason Jar Tumblers

When I went to Mom 2.0 in Atlanta, I came across a company that I absolutely fell in love with – Aladdin. They introduced all of us in attendance to their new mason jar party line. I left with this Mason Tumbler that I am obsessed with. It’s my favorite cup for water. I take it with me EVERYWHERE. The only downside is that it doesn’t fit into my cup holder in the car. Womp. But that doesn’t deter me. I often just hold it in my lap and pray [...]

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Summer Time = Play Time #healthyessentials

July 10, 2014
Hoping to catch some crabs

We’re half way through summer. Can you believe it? My kids have spent most of their time at local camps – getting their craft on, enjoying weekly themes and playing with friends. We’ve also enjoyed a trip to the beach and few playdates with neighbors. Isn’t that what summer is all about? The ocean, the pool, playgrounds and the occasional lazy day inside complete with forts and a movie. We’ve been diving in head first.     Play time, unfortunately sometimes means bumps and boo-boos and the occasional sunburn. The [...]

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Zulily announces top 10 toys for summer

July 8, 2014
Baby Float - Zulily

It’s no secret that I’m a Zulily fan. Two of the dresses that Miss E gets the most compliments on are from Zulily. We’ve also bought Crocs, Toms and even some toys (which I always forget to look for.) With summer half way over, it may seem like school will be starting any day now (if you live in NC and have year round schools, you may have already started!) But for most of us, we still have 7 or 8 weeks left of summer. Cue the screaming. Time to [...]

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